Sustainalizing products.
Crowd Innovation Platform for Sustainability
ReDo is a platform that aims to create sustainable alternatives for current packaging and systems that leave room for improvement. Here, creative heads can come together to form ideas and find solutions for a more happy, prosperous, and healthy future. We would love for you to join our team! The more, the merrier! Join, create, inspire, and vote!

Would you like to try out the ReDo Game? It's easy and fun. You can print out this form and play it with 2-7 people. The game consists of 8 rounds. Each person gets one form and fills out the first point. Pass your form on to the player to your left. This person fills out the next point taking both the question and your comment into account. Continue answering and passing around the form until seven rounds have passed. In the final round, you present your completed projects to each other. Once you’ve all played eight rounds, depending on how many players you are, you’ve come up with a minimum of two environmental issues and ways to conquer them! Nice work! Choose your favourite and upload!
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